Meet the Artist

"I understand that my journey as an artist had to be connected to my own story, thoughts and feelings. So as I sit with my paintings, they declare that I belong, I am loved, and valued in every way possible. I hope it will be the same experience for you."

-Ebony Johnson-Wright

Meet the Artist

Ebony Johnson-Wright is an emerging Studio Artist based in St. Louis, MO. She received degrees in BFA in Studio Art with concentration in painting and a BSE with a emphasis in Art from the University of Central Missouri.

Depicting her experiences as a black artist, Ebony takes a page from Kerry James Marshall, Amy Sherald and aspects from the Baroque Period to help mold her art journey. By creating vibrant, intense and confrontational figures, her work commands visibility and challenges the concepts of beauty standards.

During her senior year of study, Ebony received the Dorothy Hawksley Emerging Artist Award from Mid-Missouri Artist, Inc. and placed first in Studio Art at the University of Central Missouri’s Citation Show.